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Sarika Entertainment
Sarika Entertainment is a website owned and managed by Bopha Production. There are a good number of DVDs, CDs, Magazines and other items on the site.
Wat Khmer San Jose - San Jose Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc.
Wat Khmer San Jose is one of the main Buddhist temples in San Jose.
Hang Meas Production
Hang Meas production is one of Khmer reputable film and music production companies in Cambodia. The production has been in the market for many years and they are the leading music producer both in Cambodia, USA and other countries.
Wat Dharmararam Buddhist Temple - Wat Stockton
Wat Dharmararam Buddhist Temple - Wat Stockton is the biggest Khmer Buddhist temple in Stockton.
Bopha Charlotte Bridal
We have Traditional Khmer Wedding Costumes to meet your style and color.
Tutti Fuitti - 2380 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley
Tutti Fruitti store owned and managed by Khmer couple in Northern California. Accept credit cars, free Wi-Fi and street parking.
Chez Sovan Restaurant
Chez Sovan Restaurant Authentic Cambodian Cuisine. They serve good Khmer food ! They open 7 days a week  Sunday to Thurday from 11:30A.M to 9:00 P.M Friday to Saturday from 11:30A.M to 10 P.M Kitchen closes 30 minutes prior. Banquet Room and Catering for Party  Please, call 408-371-7711
Fung Shui House
Fung Shui House sell fresh fruits daily. Store open 7 days a week from 10A.M to 8:30 P.M It is located at : 3005 Silver Creek Rd. # 126 San Jose, CA. 95121 Phone number : 408-828-2743 Manager : Lisa
Wat Khmer In Oakland (Old Wat)
Oakland Cambodian Buddhist Temple, Inc. - Wat Khmer Oakland (old)
Phnom Penh International Airport (Pochentong) IATA Code: PNH
Phnom Penh International Airport (Pochentong) IATA Code: PNH is the biggest airport in Cambodia. Most people go to Cambodia by air plane land at Phnom Penh International Airport.
Chomkar Doung Sok Sopha Restaurant
Chomkar Doung Sok Sopha Restaurant is located at : St. Chomkar Doung, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They take reservation for breakfast, lunch,and diner. They also can provide service for Birthday party or any other parties. Please, call the following numbers: Tell: 011-533-336 012-333-029 012-845-667
Mithapheap Market
Mithapheap Market is located at : 1400-14th Ave. Suite # C Oakland, CA. 94606 They sell fresh meat, fresh vegetable, flowers, plants,Khmer Nums, Khmer video and many more.
Nam Vang Restaurant - San Jose
Vietnamese restaurant but they have good Kuy Teav Phnom Pench.
Welcome to Nop PanhaRith(Bayyareth) SOM ANGKA (Bridal store)!
Siem Reap International Airport IATA: REP
Siem Reap International Airport IATA: REP is the second biggest and popular airport in Cambodia. It is located right in Siem Reap town and very close to Angkorwat.
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89 results - showing 1 - 15 1 2 3 4 5 6