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Bigman Productions
Established in 2008, Bigman has since grown by leaps and bounds to be where it is today. Being one of the leading full service production houses in Cambodia, Bigman provides complete music, videography services to the advertising industry, TV & broadcasting industry, other production houses as well as various organizations in the corporate sector that may require videos produced for various purposes
Hang Meas Production
Hang Meas production is one of Khmer reputable film and music production companies in Cambodia. The production has been in the market for many years and they are the leading music producer both in Cambodia, USA and other countries.
M Entertainment Production
M Entertainment was found in 2008 known as an independent music company determined to provide a fresh sound for the cluttered music scene M Entertainment is now outfitted with its own professional sound studio, filled with the latest in recording technology.
Reymeas Pro (រៃមាស)
Reymeas Produciton is one of great Khmer karaoke productions for many years. While their production is in Cambodia, their DVDs are sold in USA.
Rock Production Music
Media Services to Global TV / Film Production Companies
Sunday Production
Sunday production is one of the Khmer great music productions. Their stars include Khem Marak Sereymun, Khmer Marak Sereypov, Pisey Sok,Ewa ,Bun Sak, Phan Monica, Meas Sally, etc. They also produce big scale movies.
Town Production
Tow Production Established in 2010 is the kind of entertainment providing a fresh sound and own professional sound studio.
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7 results - showing 1 - 7