Small Business/Advertising

Small Business/Advertising
Tuesday, 27 December 2011
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  • Yeay, I will add more photos later. I want to take it easy :)
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  • Ta , can you add some more new stuff from your store. Put some photos of new design.
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  • For those who will get married or have friends who will get married and want to dress Khmer traditional, please contact DROID.:-)
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    Chinda Horm DROID-KID,
    Great idea ! In fact Motorola should pay you as you will promote their products :-)283 days ago
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    For those who will get married or have friends who will get married and need Khmer Som Ang Ka, you can check this Khmer Som Ang Ka out. I took some pi ...
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  • Great Job KID ! Bong will post some of those pictures that Bong took last time in here too.:-)
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    Who? Thank you bong283 days ago
  • Everyone who have business and would like to advertise your business please join here. Thanks!
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    kolabbattambong YAW and blow kiss from my sexy Android through the world wide web back to you too :)282 days ago

Hello all,


I would like to create this group for all Angkorthom Social friends who own business or would like to advertise your business here at Angkothom, you are more than welcome to advertise here in this group. Thanks you!


Best Regard,



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