Win Gift Card from Angkorthom.US Social

Win Gift Card from Angkorthom.US Social
Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Group Admins:
  • Hi all, we will find out who is our first winner (having the highest scores) in less than 2 weeks. You can still have time to catch up. Good luck to all!
    groups.wall 19 days ago
  • Hello all, the game will start on 08/01/2012. If you have any questions, please let me know. Everybody can be part of it.
    groups.wall 83 days ago
  • Posted a new announcement, Are you ready for the 2nd Game!
    groups.bulletin 84 days ago
  • Hi all, we are getting ready for our 2nd game. This game will be the same as the first one except everybody can join (not just the featured members). As long as you are activities and getting your profile scores, you are completing. Get more info, please check here
    groups.wall 84 days ago
  • You will win if you keep hard working everyone.
    groups.wall 268 days ago
    Chinda Horm Panha,
    That is so true ! You are the great example to be the second winner. You have worked hard to win your gift. :-)
    Ming remember you thought you would not win te at first. Then you did it. Congratulation :-)83 days ago
  • Hi !!! I want to know bout the Rule ! how to get the winner?
    groups.wall 270 days ago
  • Happy New Year 2012 everyone.....From Kompong Chhnang - Cambodia
    groups.wall 281 days ago
  • Whats annoucement? Could everyone share this link to me?
    groups.wall 283 days ago
    Panha Its so lovely to hear back from you. Thank you very much for the wishes. And hope all the wishes will come to you as well. Take your best care and be ready for the year of 2012. from kmouy Panha282 days ago
  • Thanks you all for your participation and supports. Good Luck to all. :-)
    groups.wall 283 days ago
  • i read the news ming i will participate in this because i will be ready and just a reminder good luck to all members out there
    groups.wall 283 days ago
  • Ming na mouy tov lol! Two ming here :)
    groups.wall 290 days ago
  • how are you ming?
    groups.wall 290 days ago
  • hahahaha just kidding ning na ming... ter min chhness ming te cuz you points high nas.. tam min torn te lolzzz
    groups.wall 290 days ago
  • Well we will see who will be the winners by the end of June. All members have plenty of time to be active so that you will win the gift cards from Angkorthom Social.

    Diamond Heart,
    No we can't share points or give away points.:-)
    Ming is not eligible to play this game te. Why ? Ask your Pou BB tov.LOL
    All members,
    Please, be active to gain points in Angkorthom Social.
    We will give away 3 gift cards to most active members by the end of June 2012.:-)
    groups.wall 290 days ago
  • ohhh ok i see so you are a candidate right? lolzzz
    groups.wall 294 days ago
    kolabbattambong Everyone who is active and participate like will get a chance to win! Lolz290 days ago
  • Be active, we will select the top three winner by June. Please read the announcements and good luck! :)
    groups.wall 294 days ago
  • can all friends share your points to me ? lolzzz
    groups.wall 294 days ago
    kolabbattambong Lolz how man points do you want?290 days ago
  • how can i win to get the gifts? lolzzzzzzz
    groups.wall 294 days ago
  • We just want to remind all of Angkorthom Social 's members that Angkorthom Social will give away 3 Gifts cards to our most active members by June. Please, be active and take advantage of our free gifts.:-)
    groups.wall 294 days ago
  • Wanna say thanks to all Angkorthom Social friends and nice to be the part of this site and all groups :)
    groups.wall 294 days ago
    Chinda Horm Welcome Back Diamond Heart. :-)294 days ago
  • Great news for all members :-)
    groups.wall 299 days ago

We are glad to announce a new game for our members to join and participate in social activities and forum discussions at www.Angkorthom.US/Social starting Jan 1st, 2012. There will be 3 winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner and each of them will receive a gift card of their choice. For example, you can get Starbucks, Target, Victoria Secret, etc. For those who live outside of the USA, you will get cash equivalent to their gift card value. Since this is a gift card game, you don’t know how much the gift card is until you receive it.

Gift CardIn order for you to participate in the game what you have to do is being active on the site in Social and Forum. Our Administrators will observe and promote active members to be a featured member every 2 months. The first period will start Jan 1st, 2012 so you may need to start active now so that you can be promoted. Second period will start March 1st , 2012 and the 3rd period will start May 1st, 2012.

As a featured member, you are automatically in the game. At the end of each period, we will total your profile scores and if you have the highest point, you will be selected for that period as the winner. At the end of the 3rd period, we will total your profile scores again among the selected 3 winners and determine the 1st winner, 2nd winner and 3rd winner based on points you made. You will need to be here to claim your game in 5 days and let us know your choice of store for your gift card. The goal of this game is to promote member activities and participation so the more active you are, the more chance you will win and become the 1st winner. The 1st winner will get more than the 2nd winner and the 2nd winner will get more than the 3rd winner.

Some of the rules:

1 = One person can be selected only one time.
2 = Battambang and Chinda Horm are not eligible to play.
3 = The winner will need claim your gift card within 5 days.
4 = Have fun!

If you are not yet registered with Angkorthom.US, please take a minute to register. It is easy and quick. Click here to register. If you have a Facebook account, you can just click on Sign In With Facebook icon and follow a few steps, you are set to be selected as a feature member and participate in the game.

Please check here to see how you can earn points by participating in the Social and Forum to gain your points to win. For more information or you have any questions, you can check and ask question here.

Good luck to all

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