Friday, 18 November 2011
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  • Comedy,joke always fun make us more happy.
    groups.wall 359 days ago
  • Hello Comedies/Jokes/Movies members...
    groups.wall 369 days ago
  • Why am I excluded from this group?
    groups.wall 400 days ago
  • Laughing is very healthy for all of us.
    groups.wall 404 days ago
    Who? Laughing to hard will make our faces wrinkle. lolz400 days ago
  • I like to watch a lot of funny videos because it's make me laught and enjoy my day.
    groups.wall 404 days ago
    Who? I watch the funny movie because I want to laugh. By the way, it does not need to make me laugh. I can laugh on my own term. lolz400 days ago

This  thread for all the videos, pictures, and movies. Everyone may participate and load them  here so it's organize and easy to look for. Enjoy!



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