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Him Sivorn Fans Group
Tuesday, 15 November 2011
Group Admins:
  • Yes, I think so.
    groups.wall 348 days ago
  • I hope Him Sivorn will tour USA again. I like all of her songs and her personality.
    groups.wall 351 days ago
  • She is one of my favorite singers. She has been very celebrated for all times.
    groups.wall 361 days ago
  • the one famous singer star in my mind... love her songs all
    groups.wall 374 days ago
  • I love Him Sivorn. She is a very beautiful person inside out. I love all her songs. I never met her yet hope to meet her sometime in the future.
    groups.wall 407 days ago
    Diamond Heart yes me too bong Kolabbattambong.374 days ago
  • I love all most all her songs, Wish know what it mean...Thank U NakMing for create this group.
    groups.wall 407 days ago
    Chinda Ham Lina,
    My pleasure Khmuy Srey :-)407 days ago
  • Him Sivorn is a great singer !
    groups.wall 407 days ago

Among all Khmer female singers, Him Sivorn is my number one ! I love her voice and character a lot :-) I have not seen her perform in the U.S yet. I wish I could meet her in person one day when we visit Cambodia next time. Him Sivorn is still married and stay together with her family. Not many Khmer stars are staying married for so long. She can be a great role model for other Khmer singers. Beside, I never see or hear any bad rumor about her. I don't have any picture of her or with her. If you do, please share with us. Thanks.



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