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Khieu Sansana's Profile

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Bright, pleasant, cute, friendly, talented, entertaining, hardworking, intelligent are some of the words people describe Khieu Sansana as a hostess and TV producer. She worked for CTN for many years and then she took a break. Now she is in a contract with CTN and MyTV again.

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Aok Sokunkanha's Proifle

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Still young, talented, bright, hard working, pretty, gentle, well-educated - not to mention her ability to rock and roll, Aok Sokunkanha is all that! You may wonder why the girl is so right on track with what she was doing at a very young age and what made her who she is today. In short, it is her determination and hard working. She was born in a family deep-rooted in music, but she is the one who worked hard to earn her title and reputation herself.

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Yun Sopheap's Profile

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Unlike performing in other countries, touring USA is only a dream for many Khmer artists. Some are lucky enough to come once in their career life and only a very few have an opportunity to come more than once. A sponsor who decided to bring the same stars again must be sure that his/her stars will still get very strong support from fans and able to make profits for them; which means the star must be very popular and is likely to bring out the crowds again to see them. Among those few artists are Preap Sovath, Sen Ranuth, Meng Keo Pichinda, Leng Manyrachana, Khat Sokhim, Chhuon Sovanchai, etc. Yun Sophea is also one of them.

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Saray Sakana's Profle

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Saray Sakana’s profile was written originally by one of her big fans – Samrach who was an Angkorthom.US Admin for our old web site in 2007. He interviewed her mother via telephone from France while Sakana was busy shooting for a movie. Because of her popularity and requests from her fans while she was performing in USA, we decided to edit part of the profile to bring it up to date but kept most of the original wordings intact and posted it again on Angkorthom Social (editorial).

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Chhuon Sreymao's Profile

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In around 2000, I first saw Chhuon Sovanchai in one of Pkayprek DVDs with Chorm Bun Yong. She was just a little girl at the time but her voice and choreography caught my attention. I began to like her voice and became one of her fans right away.

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Ut Chakriya's Profile

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Chakriya is a very popular female name. It means good character in Khmer. Someone with the name Chakriya is normally soft, gentle and polite. One of popular Rock Production artists is Ut Chakriya.  She fits perfectly in the character of a Chakriya.

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Tep Rindaro's Profile

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Tep Rindaro is one of the most respectful stars from the 1980s and he is still very popular. His peers like Khai Piseth, Som Dara, Yous Bovannak, Som Vithjea, Pich Pirun have gone on to other career or completely disappeared from the industry. Unlike Hollywood, Khmer entertainment does not generally promote old stars. Younger stars in early 20 or younger are given a role as a father or mother by applying make up to make them look old, leaving only a very few opportunities for older stars to have a job.

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Chhet Sovan Panha's Profile

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Cute, gentle, pretty, nice and friendly are some of the words her fans use to describe Chhet Sovan Panha both in personal life and her career, and she is truly all that. Panha is one of the female RHM stars who have been with the production for more than 7 years.

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Sen Ranuth's Profile

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If you lived in Battambang province, and wanted to go to Seam Reap, you would need to take the National High Way 5 to Svay Sisopon and then take the National High Way 6 from Svay Sisopon to Seam Rreap.

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