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Avatar All about ceainc
Joined: 16-Nov-2007
Rank: Administrator
Location: San Diego , CA
Web Site:
My Occupation: Entertainment 's managment
Interests: Knowing people
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    ceainc life's story
    Friday, September 25, 2009 (04:58:53)
    Welcome to CEA home page . Cambodian Entertainment of America will bring you the excitement to your area .
    Hope you will support our STARS from the bottom of your heart . On behalf of the stars , I personally say thank and look forward for meeting you in your area . Laughing

    I born in the year of SHEEP , here is what is Chinese calendar said : Those born in the year of sheep are said to be charming, elegant and artistic, who like material comforts. A bit of worrier they also have a tendency to complain about thing, Jobs as actors, gardeners or beachcombers would suit .


    Battambang before 1975

    In 1972, while I was in Battambang high school, I joint the dancing group to help school fun raising. We had a lot fun and made a lot friends from all high schools in Battambang such as Eap Khut , Net Yang and Svay Por .

    To Nay Tin Dance at Battambang University (1972)

    With friends at Chamka Samrong (1974)

    Class of 1975 at Battambang High School (1975)

    Thank Watleap for the picture

    Life with Khmer Rouge

    Khmer Rouge First day in control (April 1975)
    Photo:Claude Juvenal/AFP/Getty Image

    Teenager's life just as the blooming flowers in spring, every body flirt around , built friendship, went out enjoyed life . Unfortunately in April 17, 1975, POL POT regime took over the country, we all lived as a death person, friendship, future , fun, everything all gone .
    Some who lived in this regime had the same experience as I did, I don't have to explain how bad it was . We lived day by day waiting for the next sun light without knowing when we would die . This time of terror was controlled by a heavy yoke of the so-called "Khmer Rouge" regime. This regime was responsible for millions of souls which died from hunger, sickness, and torture. They were terrible years, the years of zero and the years of unthinkable nightmare.
    On the 28, August 1978 , I decided to get marry to avoid executed by KR (52 couples were married) . We lived in hell, in the prison without wall for 3 years 8 months and 20 days until Jan. 7, 1979 when Vietnam came and took over .

    Life in Khmer Rouge Regime
    Photo by:Alan Taibe/Corbis Sygma

    Escaped from Cambodia

    1st attempt

    January, 1979 Vietnamese troops in Phnom Penh

    In June 1979, my parents , my siblings , my wife and I decided to cross the border to Thailand . On the highway 5 west bond from Battambang, we saw a lot of death bodies laid in the rice field a long the road. We walked three days to get at Norng Chan village in Thailand . On the way there, we spent a lot of gold to bribe the militia.

    Death body lay along the road

    We lived in the blue plastic tent with ten thousands other refugees in the rice field . There had no any organization to help but Thai soldiers watched over us . Every body praised if United Nation would come to help us .

    Tent camp

    Two weeks later , Thai government brought 20 to 30 city buses to pick us up for three days, and we were told that we relocated to the new camp . It's was the third day , we were the last one to get on the bus. We left Norng Chan around 9:00 am , we got at Dong Rek mountain around 7:00pm. I remembered seeing Thai police man who escorted us there, used the flash light look around and under the bus to make sure we all got out. Thai soldiers who station there, took command from there.

    Thai transferred Cambodian Refugees with the city bus

    In the middle of the jungle with no body around , the hope to see the new camp all disappear from our mind . we were dump in the jungle on Dong Rek mountain . Thai soldiers forced us to go down to the bottom of mountain .

    The Steep Mountain

    10 of us and hundreds other refugees had to get down this very steep mountain. It was an eye sore to see the elderly , small kids , pregnant woman went down very slowly by crawling and holding rock and vines .

    Dang Rek trail

    At the foot of the mountain, we saw a lot of people stayed there. We were told that a lot mines on the field below and hundreds people died by stepping on it. About 2 hours later,one guy had an idea to go back on the top of the mountain by collecting the money to bribe the soldiers. Every body chip in the money. Ten thousands Baths(Thai money) were collected hoping the soldiers allow us to go back up. One hour later, we heard a few round of shot gun on the top of mountain ; more than 10 people died and a lot more wounded. I knew one guy from high school's dance covered his body with blood. He told us that when Thai soldiers got the money, they were open fire at us. He died minutes later. Some of his friends and I made a grid by using a tree branch and vines to fold him and put his body on the side.
    That night we couldn't sleep. The candle light and the sound of caught could see and hear all over the forest, every body think what to do next.
    In the morning,we ate the dry noodle that left from the camp. We had to walk half kilo meter to get the water. On the way to the creek, hundreds of death bodies lay a long the path, mostly were Khmer Islam who came four days earlier. We had to step where the guy in front of us step to avoid mines. We had to cross over the the smelly decomposed death bodies. It took us 4-5 hours to get a gallon of water. One old lady next to me let her two grand-children drank her urinate.
    Sound of the mine blast near by; one young girl went looking for fire wood stepping on mine, 4-5 more people died along with her.

    Walked through jungle

    Our lives were in danger, we had to made a stool and urine where we were , if we want to go somewhere to have privacy, every body else would stare and scream at us which they were afraid that we might step on mine near by. Some of us got sick from the heat of thousands of human bodies; without fresh air and from the smelly of death bodies surrounding us, we almost couldn't breath.
    Now, just the matter of life and death, mines field was in front of us, Thai soldiers were ready to shoot at us any time if we dare to return, we were run out of food and had a hard time to get the water, the air and smell getting worse . Every body knew dying were ahead of us and could be happen at any time.
    Early in the morning, my dad and a group of his friends decided to go forward. Every body carried their belonging went toward the mines field. We walked slowly and be carefully not to step on the wrong foot print of the person in front of us. We crossed the smelly decomposed bodies with a lot of worms moved around, we saw mines were hidden in the ground(mark by person in front) , we were so nervous and so scare.
    Around noon time, we were almost pass the mines field and enter to the woods again. We saw the shadow of two Vietnamese soldiers raised their hands at the edge of the woods. We were so happy knowing that our lives were almost out of danger. Luckily, one old lady in the group could speak Vietnamese, she told those soldiers that there were thousands more people in the jungle at the foot of that mountain on the other side of the mine field, if they could go to help them. They told us that they were not allow to pass the edge of this woods. Thai soldiers would shoot at them from the top of that mountain if they saw them were in that field.
    We were joyful, we smiled, we knew that we were still alive. Vietnamese soldiers noticed that we still walked slowly and very be carefully; then, they told us with the smile " there is no mines in this area , you can walk faster" .
    About 30 minutes later, we were at the main road by the pond where these soldiers camped. That was the second time Vietnamese soldiers save our lives in 4 months.

    The 29 days walked

    We were the first group to get in Cambodian territory and thousands more followed.
    BOOOMMM...sound of the blast from the mines field, some one must step on mine, we knew that at least 10 more people died. We wondered, why Thai government don't just let us go back the way we came, or at least dropped us at POY PET border crossing , it was only 10 to 20 minutes from Nang Chan.
    One or two hours later, we followed two Vietnamese soldiers who escorted us about two hours walked on the way to SA EM village. We rested, cook and enjoyed bathing that we missed the whole week in the clear crystal stream water near by.

    A long walked

    We continued walking days and nights on the gravel road. Some people run out of shoes had to cut their blanket and tied to their feet used as sandals to protect their feet from the rocky road. We walked 10 to 15 kilo meters a day with the belonging on the shoulder. We slept on the road side when we were tired.
    Sarong, cloths, medicine , anything we had , we exchanged for rice with the villagers a long the way.
    Walking on week after week, we were at the bank of Steung Sen (Sen river). The bridge were burned down by Khmer Rouge , but the water were at the bottom of river and we could walk across easily. There were a lot of bamboo on this side of the river's bank, so we decided not to cross the river yet . We stay over night looking for bamboo shoot for cooking, and would cross the river in morning.
    It was a rainy night, we used the blue plastic as a roof to protect us from the rain.

    Flood River

    Early next morning, we were surprised by seeing the floodwater filled up the river bank. We were raised by Sangker river, so all of us know how to swim except my wife who were from Phnom Penh. We wrapped all of our belonging with the blue plastic used as a floating material. We walked up the bank and swam down along the water stream cross the river. My wife held on to the floating plastic while my younger brother swam in front and pull her along, I held her and push from behind. All of our family crossed successfully, but thousand more families with elderly and young children had to wait for help.
    Couple days later, we reached Tbeng Meanchey the capital of Preas Vihear province. We wondered if this place were liberated yet. Every body here still wore black uniform. It was the first night that we didn't build tense, the inhabitant let us sleep under their pile house where they kept their cattle.

    Tbeng Meanchey

    After a day of rest, we continued walking southbound toward Kampong Thom province. We passed villages then enter to forest again. We collected the dirty red color water from the oxcart's trace that left on the rocking road for cooking. We were told that Khmer Rouge still hiding around in the jungle. We noticed how Khmer Rouge engaged in the guerrilla war. They dig the road deep about 1 meter , 0.5 meter wide cross back and forth, cut the big trees and felt cross the way to stop Vietnamese army convoys from passing through.
    Couple days later, we saw the pole sign" Welcome to Kampong Thom" with the dead body lied on the middle of the road. It's was the first time in three weeks since we were at Dong Rek mountain to see the death person again. We asked Kouy people ( minority) who took care the rubber plantation there if Khmer Rouge still around. He told us that there were no Khmer Rouge around here any more, that dead person in the middle of the road were a thief.

    Jungle Road

    We rested at the intersection of Highway 6 between Kampong Thom and Siem Reap for one day . My older sister and her husband were sick. We were told that thousand people who were light skin(Chinese) that waiting for help at Stung Sen, were diverted to Phnom Dek (Iron mountain)by militia's provincial . They were accursed as traitors who run away from the country after liberated. Later, I heard that a lot of them died by hunger and sickness.
    When we arrived at Staung , all my wife's great aunt relatives gave us a warm welcome . I remembered I had a hair cut by my cousin in-law there. We had fresh noodle soup at the Staung's market which laid a long Steung Sen . We rested there for couple days. The broadcast from Voice of America, " United Nation have rescued Cambodia survivors from Dong Rek mountain", they been saved after 3 weeks of miserable life in the mountain. We weren't disappointed from this news, and we were glad that we were still alive.

    Vietnamese's soldier at the market
    (Picture from National Geographic)

    We left Staung and walked a long national route 6 towards Siem Reap. This time we were not worry of lacking of water any more, there were many villages along the way.
    Four days later, we saw the top of Angkor Wat temple from far away. We were so happy knowing that we were almost home.
    It was the 29th day of walked since we left Dong Rek mountain, my feet swollen, my thighs burned red with pus, both side of my shoulders hurt from carrying the pole of our belonging and food, I knew I couldn't walked any longer.
    At Siem Reap, we were given rice. we rested under one big pile house for the night. In the morning, my wife and all of my siblings went to see Angkor Wat. I couldn't walk there.

    Cambodian militiaman stands guard at Angkor Wat
    (Picture from National Geographic)

    Cambodian soldier at the village in Siem Reap
    (Picture from National Geographic)

    It would take us at least 10 more days to walk to Battambang, the Vietnamese's armor truck would charge us 5 chi(1 chi=3.75 grams) of gold for 10 of us , but we didn't have any more gold. Luckily, one of our neighbor at Sala Ta An had boat ride business between Siem Reap and Battambang. He charged us 2 chies and let us owed him, so we had a boat ride home. There were a lot more people went with us. We had to leave early walked a long Siem Reap River to Tonle Sap (Great Lake) to avoid the early storm at the lake.It took us about 10 hours to get to Sala Ta An.

    Battambang - Siem Reap cargo
    (Picture from National Geographic)

    Boat ride from Siem Reap to Battambang(Sangker River)

    Back Home

    Our neighbors welcome us back, my dad's friends brought us some rice and blankets, we were so glade that we all made home.
    Two days later, the village's chief whom we knew long time ago came to detained my father, my uncle and some more of his families at Wat Keo by accusing them as traitors who run away from the country. He wanted some gold from us to bail out my dad , we didn't have any more gold. He released them two weeks later.
    It was the first time in my life that I had to have a responsible for the whole family. I was so worry , I grew up with my family , went to school , Khmer Rouge took over, married, Vietnamese deliberated, It was all my dad who made a responsibility , now it was my turn.

    Make a Living

    I went to my friends looking for the teaching job at Lycee Monivong (Monivong High school) formerly Lycee Battambang , but it didn't have any job open.
    One of my friend asked me to go to the border to buy stuff with him, that was the beginning of my responsibility to make a living to support the family.
    My friend and I ride a bicycle to Sisophon to his uncle house. We got there around 4:00pm. We waited until dark to go to the border, to get away from Vietnamese patrol. In the jungle, we met more people there. We were be careful not to misstep from the path or we would fall in the pit of bamboo spikes that hidden along the trail.
    In the morning at Thai border, Thai villagers brought a lot different stuffs to sell at the edge of the jungle at the border line. I remembered the first merchandise I bought was a bicycle and a beg of green bean. I made 2 huns(.2 chi of gold) from that. I was so happy , it was my first time to made money by my own.
    One time I went into Thai village to buy Sarong and we were chase by Thai soldiers, we run back into the jungle. One man run next to me were shot at the leg when we were almost in the jungle, we managed to pull him in to save his life.

    Me in the jungle near Thai border 1979 (first picture since 1975)

    About one month later, in the jungle at the border something had been changed. There were Khmer guerrilla camp by the pound at the border. It was called Camp 007 later changed its name to Chomrom Thmei. They called themselves Khmer Sereika (Free Khmer). They started to control the place where we used to buy goods. Goods smuggled in from Thai getting worst, we were not only faced Thai soldiers; the villager's bandits in the jungle and Vietnamese border patrol, now we faced one more , the Khmer Sereika.
    It was the beginning of the refugees started to settle at the camp.
    There were three camps at the border , one was Chomrom Chass, second was Chorom Thmei, and the third was Pnom Chhat ( Khmer Rouge's Camp). One day, I met Khmer Rouge's soldiers by the pond on the way to the border, they stopped us for a meeting and told us go to Phnom Chhat to get free rice. It scared me to death , I managed to get out of the meeting, and went straight to the boder in a hurry.

    Khmer Sereika

    Khmer Rouge in jungle

    In November 21, 1979, Khao I Dang were established. The UNHCR workers went to Chorom Thmei every day for one month with Thai city bus to pick up refugees who want to live in Khao I Dang camp. With the discouragement propaganda from Khmer Sereika, and with the experience of Dong Rek, it seem no body care to go to Khao I Dang.

    Cambodian refugees went west to the camp

    Refugee Camp at the Thai-Cambodian border

    This time no one in my family interested to go to the camp, They were afraid of going to Dong Rek again.
    In January 19, 1980, my first born baby died (he died 10 minutes after birth , at that time I was at the border), it were miscalculated by midwife about one week.

    About a month later, my wife's friends came from Vietnam( they escaped to Vietnam during Khmer Rouge regime) and asked me to take them to Khao I Dang camp. Three of my friends and I agreed to take them there. It was a little hard at first because one girl didn't speak Cambodian, she spoke Vietnamese, but we managed to pass the first and second check point ( Kser Triem ) of Khmer Sereika. We slept in Chorom Thmei over night and then waited until dark to go to Khao I Dang( there were no longer bus to pick up, we had to walk through jungle to get there). On the way we were shot by Thai villagers who tried to rob us. Around 4.00a.m. we managed to get in the camp.
    In Khao I Dang camp, it looked very secured and the refugees got every thing from rice's pot to the blanket , the nice hut , unlike the first time that I came to Nong Chan had nothing. The water tanks was at every where and they even had the rest room at every section, They provided every thing.

    Gifts from UNHCR at refugee's camp

    Khao I Dang camp

    Water at camp

    2nd attempt

    When I came back home, I asked my parent if they wanted to go to Khao I Dang, but all my family said no. On March 1980, my wife and I decided to go to Khao I Dang, my youngest brother came with us.
    As usual, we rest in Chorom Thmei for one night and wait for the next day until dark to go to Khao I Dang. This time Khmer Sereika wouldn't let us go by ourselves, they said they would escort us by charging 1000 baths per person. We walked about 20 minutes in the jungle trail, then,the Sereika stopped and started to point the gun at us and demanded all Thai money and gold, after we were striped, they let us go by ourselves. Luckily I knew the way. We waited until 4 or 5:00 am to go in the camp hoping Thai soldier wouldn't notice us. When we walked toward to the camp, Thai soldiers spotted us and they started shooting. We all run, my wife felt down , she paralyzed with fear, with the sac-a-dos on my back, I lifted and pull her toward the barbed-wire fence. We made it into the camp, her body scratched every where from the head to toe.
    In the morning, I went out looking for my brother at the detention center. I met him while he were looking for me,too. I saw the old couple who came with me from that night was in there, they were caught. With my friend arranged, we got name list to stay in the camp. That night, my wife had a bad nightmare, from the sound of the wind that blow the blue plastic tent's roof (the sound were similar to the sound of the sarong when she run from the night before), she woke me up and told me to run because she thought Thai soldiers chasing her again.

    First picture in Khao I Dang( May 1980)

    In July 1980, our name were listed to go to USA. We moved to Chhunn Bourie for one month awaiting for transfer to the third country. The building we stayed were not even finish build yet, but there were a lot freedom here more then Khao I Dang where we lived in the barbed-wire fence as prisoners. In Chhunn Bourie, we could go out to market and some of us even went to see a movie.
    When we left Chhun Borie, about 100 of us took the city bus toward Bang Kok, we got to the big hotel with all kind of flags surrounding it, it was around 6:00pm. Every body were so happy thinking that this was the first night ever in our lives that we would sleep in the luxury hotel. Actually, we went all the way to the top of the roof that had nothing ,but empty cement floor . We all sat down and laugh waiting until almost midnight to go to Bang Kok airport for transferring to Philippines.

    In the morning of August 1980, we were at Manila. We were very excited with the beautiful city by the ocean, the horn from the ship at the dock and the tall buildings in the city made us as seeing the new life in the new world. It was a very fresh environment. We got on the city bus for 3 or 4 hours thought the zic zac road along the deep mountain valley to Morong, Battaan. We lived at the camp called Philippines Refugee Processing Center (PRPC) which was a big and nice facility on the top of the hill where used to be the battled ground of world war II.
    Life was more relaxed with the different activities. We swam in the gusting creek near by, walked to the beach along the water stream and came back with a hand full of guava fruits on the way home. We studied English to prepare for our new country. I remember watching movie " Supper Man I " there. Together with Vietnamese and Lao-Hmong refugees but separated Neighbor Hood , we had experience that we all were not get along. One after noon at soccer match , Cambodian and Vietnamese had a big fight.
    We stayed there for 4 months awaiting for our name calling to make our way to our permanents resentments in America. By the way at that time my wife were 8 months pregnant , we were worry that we would stay here longer awaiting for my baby born. But Luckily, my classmate's friend in high school Sam Sun Rany who worked with the nurse there helping her to pass the test to come to USA.

    Philippines Refugee Processing Center

    Cambodian Refugees built Bayon scopture in Morong, Bataan

    New Life in America

    Finally, my time was coming , on December 17, 1980 I flew from Manila to Honolulu , got the I-94 then continued to San Francisco , slept there over night and transferred the flight to San Diego where my cousin lived.
    My son David born two weeks later on January 3rd 1981. Life seem to be better with a little different culture.

    On November 17, 1983 , all my family were in the state,too, except my other young brother, he rather stayed in Cambodia .
    Unfortunately, my mom died 4 months later on April 22, 1984, 5 days after my youngest daughter, Linda, born. She had a brain tumor. Actually, she was my step mom, she raised me since I was 2 years old. My biological mom died 2 months after she gave birth to my younger brother. Since I was young, I always walked away when I heard the song " Kon Euy Ot Mer ". It made me cry.

    Family Reunion (1984)

    On June 1, 1984, I graduated from City College with A.S. Degree. That were the first group of Cambodians graduation from City College.

    My graduation from City College

    At first, American people seem not to believe how worst were life in Cambodia, not until early November, 1984 when " The Killing Fields" movie had been nominated for seven Academy Awards.
    The San Diego Union the leading news papers in San Diego called me for interview to find out if the movie show a real life in Cambodia during Pol Pot reign of terror.

    My son David and I on the front page of The San Diego Union (1984)

    Supported Khmer Politic

    In 1986 my friends and I organized a fun raising to support H.E Son San the president of KPNLF ( Khmer People Nationalist Liberation Front ) . The KPNLF was one of the main resistance groups to emerge along Thai border in 1979 following the fall of the Khmer Rouge to fight with Vietnamese military.
    We honored him to stay at my house any time when he came to San Diego to have a fun raising.

    H.E. Son San and Me (1986)

    H.E. Son San and his supporters at my house (1987)

    Class of 75's Reunion

    In 1990, I met my high school class mate Mrs. Sambour Rathany, we were very excited , we talked and asking for the old friends. That was the beginning of the class of 75 reunion. I called my friends around to organize the community for the party, but no body dare to do it , I got the discouragement instate. So Sambour Rathany and I decided to partner up and go ahead to do it by mailing the letter to all friends who we knew to get the input.
    Two years later in 1992,Class of 75 reunion made it happen. We were very excited to meet each others. Some friends from as far as France, Switzerland , Canada and friends all over the states came to meet each other in San Diego. It was the unforgettable night.
    We organized two more similar parties after ward at Disneyland hotel in 1995 and at Marriott hotel in Santa Ana in 2000.

    Class of 75 Reunion at Marriott Hotel & Marina, San Diego,Ca.USA (1992)

    Speech at the reunion with my partner Mrs. Sambou Rathany (1992)

    Class of 75 Reunion at Disneyland Hotel, Santa Ana,Ca.USA (1995)

    Class of 75 Reunion at Marriott Hotel , Santa Ana, Ca. USA (2000)


    America is the land of opportunity, the land of freedom, the heaven on earth, but it had the price to pay for that. My marriage end in 1995. My three kids stayed with their mom, I gave up everything for them, my house ,my business and my love. It was not easy, I had to live with a death memory. The only thing I had left is my life.

    In July 1978 when Nieradei Khmer Rouge (Southwest of Cambodia) came to control PeyYorp Khmer Rouge (West of Cambodia) , they killed all of the Pey Yorp's leaders. Then, I was a mobile teenager ( Kong Cha latt ) in the Pey Yoep's group . The Nieradei accused our group (12 of us) as we were the imperialist , they sent us to a constraint's camp awaiting the AngKa order. That night , all of us wouldn't sleep thinking how to escape from that place. At midnight , when no body at guard, we left very quickly, walked across the rice field and swam across the river toward our old village. Almost dawn, we were almost there, that where I met my former wife. She carried a spade for her privacy. I joked with her that it was not the morning yet , why you went to work so early? I told her we were escaped and looking the place to hide. She gave me her own meal for two weeks while I was in hiding and she shared meal with her friends. She married me to let me get out of the hiding place (August 28th, 1978 with 52 couples married at the same time). Without her, I was a death person by now. So when we spited, I didn't want anything , I paid back what she used her life to save mine.

    My kids: David; Rosa and Linda (1992)

    The United Cambodian Charity,Inc(UCC)

    After the coup d'etat in Cambodia July 7- 8, 1997, Mr. Lim Chheang and I organized a non profit organization, The United Cambodian Charity,Inc (UCC) to help the mishap Cambodians in the country. I served as the chairman and help organize the fun raising for the charity.
    We hired one manager to work for us in Cambodia ; hired two teachers to teach Cambodian kids who couldn't afford to go to public school at Kbal Tnol; hired one doctor for community at Sre Ambel ( Koh Kong) and help pay for 10 training nurses there. We rented the facilities of two classes and a clinic. So we had to raise the money at least $1000.00 a month to run the organization. I started to organized the party almost every month to raised the money, that what now is my expertise .

    Classes in Cambodia at Kbal Thnol (1999)

    Helping Community

    In 1999, Mr. Lim Cheang and I help organized Cambodian's New Year for Wat Khemarakrattanaram(Wat 47), The Cambodian Buddhist Society of San Diego,Inc to raise $20,000.00 for down payment of four lots across the temple(the lots cost $200,000.00).
    I were voted to be Vice president, and than be a secretary until the temple paid off the loan in 2007. During that years, the association had very close relationship with the San Diego City and The San Diego City Police department.
    I had challenge two big courts issues with the other groups whom wanted to take over the temple with jealousy. We won both of them. Than I did help to amend bylaw of the association for protecting the temple not to let those bad guy easily take over.
    I resigned from the board in 2008 and lived my normal life with my family.

    Me @ San Diego Police head quarter (2005)

    Mr. Lim Cheang, Mr. Ung Sarin and I with San Diego Police's Chief David Bejarano(2005)

    CEA help organize Cambodian' New Year @ the park in San Diego (2006)

    New Family

    With the reference from my friend who lives in Canada, on December 14, 2002, I went to Cambodia to marry her cousin who was a divorced woman with one daughter .
    At that time, I went to check my project " UCC " witch I sent money every month to help the community. I was disappointed , the manager didn't turn in the project papers that what I was asking for. When I came back home , I resigned from the board director.

    In February 24, 2003, my wife and her daughter came to USA and live with me in San Diego, California.

    The wedding day on December 2002 in Cambodia

    At Midway Museum

    Foot note: My wife (Diep Dolina) is a youngest daughter of her family. Her father's name was Diep Sim and her mother's name was Bin Bo Berlin. They had nine children(5 boys and 4 girls).
    On March 18, 1970, there were a coup d'etat by General Lon Nol who ousted Prince Norodom Sihanouk from power. During that time, there were a civil war between Lon Nol's government and Khmer Rouge, which supported by Vietcong.
    Then, Mr. Diep Sim worked as a Chief of land surveyor at Siem Reap province and Mrs. Bin Bo Berlin worked as a teacher.
    Miss. Diep Vandara aka Mek was the oldest daughter and she was the only one in the family to joint the Siem Reap's high school commando, she died in battle ground while fighting with Vietcong to protect the country in 1970. She was an hero and were honor from all over the country.
    Her life story were publish in 1970 by author Tang Vonsa.
    Mr. Ma Lauvpy who was the most famous song writer during the 70's, wrote a song Bandam Neng Diep Vannara witch sang by the most talented singers at all time Mr. Sin Sisamout and Ms. Houy Meas

    author: Tang Vonsa, published in 1970

    Bandam neang Diep Vandara

    Thank you for reading my home page. Now, enjoy with the stars from Cambodia
    For the concert near you, please go to

    Mrs. Chhoun Sovannchhai & Friends at Golden Gate, SF.

    Chhoun Sovannchhai and friends at Seattle, WA.

    Touch Srey Leak , Khiev Sampet, CEA at Denver

    Chan Samai, Sampo Lida, Chhoun Srey Mao , Chin Vathana and CEA

    Rey Meas vol. 99 - 100

    CEA with Dara Rey Meas

    CEA with Khmer Stars @ Stocton,CA.

    CEA interview with Chhin Sotheary

    CEA celebrated Rey Meas vol.100

    CEA with Danh Monica

    CEA with Saray Sakana

    CEA with Saray Sakana


    Add a comment

    CEA, That is very nice star ! Please, let us see some more pictures. Wink
    posted by CMAXIM | Sunday, November 02, 2008 (16:31:06)

    Cool and lucky dude!
    posted by battambang | Sunday, November 02, 2008 (17:11:13)

    Hey Po CEA look nice for ur homepage, please share some more pic, but i so wonder is the year of born of u is sheep?
    posted by Fancy | Monday, November 03, 2008 (01:29:16)

    Wow that is a lot of improvement here ! Great job CEA. Smile
    posted by CMAXIM | Monday, November 03, 2008 (04:04:41)

    Fancy , yes sheep is my year .
    posted by ceainc | Tuesday, November 04, 2008 (00:30:28)

    Oh so u r the same age of me i'm born on that year also, good memory for the picture in that year Po...
    posted by Fancy | Tuesday, November 04, 2008 (01:47:24)

    Very sad story ceainc. I am trying not to get into any anger with Thai but each story of our past make me feel a lot of pains.
    posted by battambang | Sunday, November 16, 2008 (22:47:10)

    It's touching. Great story telling Pou. F***ing Thai!
    posted by KhmerMuscle | Tuesday, November 18, 2008 (11:47:57)

    CEA, you had tougher time than us. I drop my tear reading your home page.
    posted by CMAXIM | Thursday, November 27, 2008 (07:09:47)

    Hey Po u story is kamsot lucky that i'm not yet born on that time
    posted by Fancy | Saturday, November 29, 2008 (08:51:05)

    Very very dramatic story and it is true. I can relate to everything you said here. Please go on. This is should be something that our children should remember and I hope things like that don't happen any more in the next generation of human race.
    posted by battambang | Saturday, November 29, 2008 (22:24:29)

    Wow, your home page is so remarkable ! Thank you for sharing your story and pictures with us. Wink
    posted by CMAXIM | Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (08:59:36)

    Thank CMAXIM , I'm almost finish.
    posted by ceainc | Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (19:16:59)

    Great Home Page ! I dropped my tear reading your home page. I wonder how can you keep all pictures in the safe place. Not many people can keep long time pictures . You are one of the kinds. I am very proud of you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures with us. Smile
    posted by CMAXIM | Saturday, January 24, 2009 (00:49:28)

    Great website!
    posted by battambang | Sunday, February 22, 2009 (17:57:29)

    Wow, I will have another dream to night. You story just wake up my death memory that locked up in the corner some where. Too painfull to deal with. But your story is more difficult than I was. Thank you for sharing with us. I like your organization skill to have all these pictures survived with you.
    posted by chaamcheanich | Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (17:04:26)

    hmm, u must be pou vibol, the one from the chat. u gave me this site earlier this are u?
    posted by mama.devy | Tuesday, April 07, 2009 (20:47:48)

    Thank mama.devy, you got it right.
    posted by ceainc | Thursday, April 09, 2009 (22:09:36)

    oh no, thank you for introducin me with this website =) its a pleasure being apart of it!
    posted by mama.devy | Thursday, April 09, 2009 (23:45:10)

    Once in awhile I came here to read your story. It is very interesting to watch what Duch (the Toul Sleng Leader) was saying in Khmer Rouge trail on how they administered Khmer Rouge regime at the time.
    posted by battambang | Wednesday, April 29, 2009 (15:50:44)

    Thanks for dropping by my page. Wow! You had many pictures and stories on your page. I might post up my picture someday. Very Happy
    posted by StarLight | Thursday, April 30, 2009 (23:22:49)

    Just let you know I droped by again. Smile
    posted by battambang | Wednesday, June 03, 2009 (15:53:10)

    Wow! Pu Cea your profile page is awesome great job wit all the stories about your life experience. I only got to read half but I'd b back to continue.

    U know what's funny I was watchin Reymeas vol:99 n I saw u n was thinkin I seen this man somewhere. but jus don know where. then i finally hit me afterward.

    Doin a great job wit ur company promotin r khmer stars. We need to get out n make a name for rself.
    posted by sreycreeam | Thursday, June 04, 2009 (04:14:50)

    Thank BB for droping by. I try to put some ting more from what I 'm missing.
    sreyscreeam, thank for droping by.
    posted by ceainc | Friday, June 05, 2009 (23:49:23)

    WOW pou...
    what a life long story.......
    but your life had come to a happy ending...
    there is nothing to worry about....
    posted by khmermk | Saturday, July 18, 2009 (01:06:09)

    khmermk, thank you for droping by my homepage.
    posted by ceainc | Saturday, July 18, 2009 (21:08:31)

    WHAOOOOOOO Pu CEA , you got a very nice homepage with lots of details and its kind of brought my bad memories back to life after reading your page. I couldn't stop my tear while reading your life stories. So i must go take rest now, and will be back later to finish the rest later.

    Thank you very much for sharing your life's histories.
    posted by anita | Friday, July 24, 2009 (01:19:27)

    Just want to say hello. Smile
    posted by battambang | Friday, July 24, 2009 (03:05:43)

    Just drop by to say HI Cool Smile i'm hear to peak on ur stories and I feel better now after each time finish reading your profile. Very Happy
    posted by anita | Saturday, August 15, 2009 (06:34:41)

    BB abd anita, thank you for dropping by and I'm glad that you like it.
    posted by ceainc | Saturday, August 22, 2009 (21:58:24)

    i just stop by and say hello now want to sleep at ur homepage nas PO mlanh Laughing
    posted by Fancy | Monday, August 24, 2009 (13:17:12)

    Nnice homepage pu CEA, now i begin to falling inlove with your profile. Smile because you got alot of Cambodian stars here. I like to meet you some day to become khmer star too hehehe... Embarassed i mean i like to have my picture taken next to pu CEA like those beautiful stars nung na. Smile
    posted by Nida | Monday, August 24, 2009 (20:38:25)

    Wow CEA, I learnt a lot from reading your profile. You could be my online history teacher, HAHA! You're very brave enough to share your life + experiences to the public, *High Five*
    posted by Bea20 | Wednesday, September 23, 2009 (15:50:17)

    Nida & Bea20 , thank for dropipng by. Glad you like it.
    posted by ceainc | Saturday, September 26, 2009 (23:27:51)

    Bong pross Thong, we will always miss you ! May you rest in peace.
    posted by CMAXIM | Monday, September 28, 2009 (01:34:42)

    RIP Pou.
    posted by TennyP | Monday, September 28, 2009 (02:50:21)

    You a great man! RIP pou!!!
    posted by KhmerMuscle | Monday, September 28, 2009 (12:21:49)

    I miss u so much already pou thong Sad i feel so fortunate to have met u at least once.. u were funny and very fun to hung out with... R.I.P ... miss u nas Sad
    posted by srey_khmer | Monday, September 28, 2009 (13:01:15)

    PO Thong i cannot handle myself to get to know ur news.... Crying or Very sad
    posted by Fancy | Monday, September 28, 2009 (14:12:00)

    You are one of very kind man and very nice person who always kept everyone's smile and fun to talk to you. RIP pu.

    I felt very shocked to read about your life stories and now pu is gone.. i feel so angry with Tevada dol heuy... why bad ppls are long life and good ppls like you rohass york tov mless? Crying or Very sad

    Pu Thong, I will remember you 4ever.


    pi Nida
    posted by Nida | Tuesday, September 29, 2009 (01:01:48)

    I always like reading your story but I guess, there's not going to be anymore life story from you. This site is feeling very different without you and it's going to take a while for people to recover this grieve. You will surely be unforgettable to everybody.

    Nida, I agree with you but lets just pray that Pou CEA/Thong will reborn and reborn as the same person.

    R.I.P Pou CEA/Thong
    posted by Bea20 | Tuesday, September 29, 2009 (12:48:50)

    We miss you Thong!
    posted by battambang | Wednesday, September 30, 2009 (03:38:45)

    I'll remember you as always.
    No matter what i'll be here off/on for you per ur request.
    I'll keep my smile on my face, even though i'm not happy, but i'll smile for U. Som ouy pu tov kan sokatek phub jos na...

    Rest in peace pu Thong!
    posted by anita | Wednesday, September 30, 2009 (07:28:47)

    CEA, Mr. BB and I will see you on Saturday 10/10/09 at your resting place. Smile
    posted by CMAXIM | Tuesday, October 06, 2009 (15:54:10)

    just come and say hello to u...miss u nas PO euy.... kyom just back from vacation....and PO want to see my pic te...i will tag u in facebook na ath nas na... Embarassed
    posted by Fancy | Sunday, January 03, 2010 (05:44:03)

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