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CMAXIM: Oy I need to go to sleep houy na as we will go crabbing tomorrow morning. Smile
CMAXIM: Kolab, Ott Hern Cham Te Klach KC sleep na Smile
CMAXIM: TennyP, that is great ! Smile
battambang: Phaoun Kolab, enjoy and take pictures phorng. Smile We have no party this weekend. Sad
battambang: You are welcome, enjoy and happy birthday. Smile
TennyP: Pou BB and Ming Da! I got the DVD in the mail! Thank you so much!!!!
kolabbattambong: going to party tonigth.
kolabbattambong: ber jeng sabai jet bon tij...:)
battambang: Kom Yom Ey....Chap Chab...:)
kolabbattambong: lark krou jam phorng ber jeng yom taet huey. Smile
battambang: Klean pek nirng na. Smile
kolabbattambong: krun tae jam kor min ban dae. Sad
CMAXIM: I am going shopping houy then go to see KC Smile
battambang: U pek nov nham Banh Kanh ors bat. lol
kolabbattambong: wake up huey I want some breakfast please. Smile
Fancy: happy saturday and good night all
CMAXIM: Happy Friday to all !
battambang: Friday. Phaoun Kolab wake up nov? Smile
somebodythere2: Smile Smile Smile
kolabbattambong: my eyes is hurting very bad need some sleep.Drop by to say good night.
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Nop Payarith Profile ***Just Updated***

Saturday, February 16, 2008 (05:56:22)
Updated on February 23, 2009: Adding more information

Click here to discuss about Nop Payarith.When talking about Nop Payarith, you’ll know we are talking about a very talented and handsome star of Reaksmey Hang Meas (RHM) Production. Many young Cambodians adore him for his singing, acting, hair styles and fashions. Nop Payarith’s popularity skyrocketed when a big scale movie called Phum Makrus Chamlek was released. That was his first movie in which he played the main male character with Danh Monica and Vang Srey Nou. Right after, another big scale movie At Bey was released. It helped boost his popularity and reputation even further. In his entertainment career life, Nop Payarith has spent more than 10 years with Reaksmey Hang Meas Production, and he is still with Reaksmey Hang Meas today, making him one of the old timers after Preap Sovath. Regardless of the fluctuation in the number of songs released by the company, Payarith’s popularity is still strong both locally and overseas.

Chin Vathana (Wattana) Profile

Friday, February 08, 2008 (05:36:40)
Click here to discuss about Chin Vathana and his trip to USA. One of CTN movies called “Sne Men Ton Sneth” war aired recently. It was a comedian movie with a couple of gay characters. The embedded concept in the movie was about a gender issue in Cambodian society today when it comes to getting a job. In the movie, a man – the main character had to disguise as a girl so that he could get a job with a movie production company! This is true when it comes to acting and singing, men always have more challenges than women to be successful and famous or just to get a job. That is because men don’t have that “other thing” to attract male bosses of those movie or video production companies. So they have to rely on their real abilities and talents, and sometimes they are just not lucky. Chin Vathana is one of them. He has nothing but his great voice, talents and good personality to compete in today’s Khmer highly competitive entertainment market. He has gone from one company to another for many years and only recently when he has begun to be noticed by the media and public.

Keo Chan Somphors (Samphors) Profile

Monday, February 04, 2008 (06:55:00)
Click here to discuss about Keo Chan Somphors.Khmer traditional music and songs are in particular harder by nature to master than the modern songs. One of the reasons is the complexity of voice manipulation and layers of music required to make each bit of the song precise and exact as written by Khmer music composers many years ago. With 7 years of her continuous training, education and commitment in Khmer traditional music and singing, Keo Chan Somphors had no difficulty for her to change lane from traditional to modern singing. In only a few years she has made her way up as a great singer among other famous Khmer female artists. Though she was coached and trained by her instructor when she first got into the modern music world, she picked up the pace very fast and with no time she is not only catching up but also leading in the crowd.

Him Sivorn Profile ***Just Updated***

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 (07:27:19)
Updated on November 28, 2008: Adding more bio information

Click here to discuss about Him Sivorn. As we mentioned in her original profile, Him Sivorn was one of Khmer celebrities who did not open or provided a lot of information about her biography and life story like others so we had difficult time to collect her information. It is great that she took the time to come on to Channel 21 of CTN with Yok Chinda recently to give her fans a glimpse of her private life. She said it took Yok Chinda a lot time to get her to be on Channel 21. Though her husband was not present on the program, she showed and talked about her past, her family and her home in Phnom Penh. Here is a brief update of her biography from the program.

Hard work is the key to success. Him Sivorn had worked so hard to better her life. After she married with Mr. Pov Maly in 1992, she sang from seventh o’clock in morning till five at noon, then she went back to sing until midnight. She could hardly see her children and family. Her husband (Mr. Pov Maly) was a government official while his wife was a singer. They both worked very hard as a team to support their family.

Dy Saveth Profile

Friday, January 25, 2008 (05:10:24)
She is perhaps the most respectable Cambodian actress from the 60s and 70s who is still alive and active in Khmer entertainment today. “Dy Saveth” is a famous name among Cambodians who grew up watching Khmer movies before Cambodia fell into series of war after 1975 and those who grew up after the wars because of her movie called Tukchet Maday (Mother’s Heart). Most people know Dy Saveth because of her past movies, but some know her because of her recent movies and more importantly her tireless involvements with today Khmer entertainment development and restoration efforts. Dy Saveth was not only one of the Khmer famous actresses then, she was also a movie production company owner. Though she is not famous as a singer, she sings as well. Dy Saveth is dedicated and committed to Khmer entertainment and arts. She deserves to be recognized, and Angkorthom.US is very happy to add her profile to our site so her information can be documented and her story can be discussed.

Tiengmom Sotheavy Profile

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 (04:38:55)
Click here to discuss about Tiengmom Sotheavy. Unlike in the old days - before 1975 when there were only a handful of young talented girls or boys chose singing or acting as a career in Cambodia, today there are hundreds of young boys and girls growing up dreaming to be a famous singer, actor or actress. Because of that, the competition of becoming a super star in Khmer entertainment market today is fierce. There are not many of them successful. One has to rise above everyone else and be outstanding to get recognized and able to succeed. That does not come easy. Recently Tiengmom Sotheavy an 18 year old girl from Takeo Province seems to be one of a very few young female singers rising above and beyond the ordinary. She is transforming herself from just a school girl to a rising star in a relatively short period of time. That has caught Angkorthom.US’ attention.

Phuth Sovann Dalis Profile

Wednesday, January 09, 2008 (05:30:23)
Soft spoken, calm, gentle, polite and pretty, as a young girl Phuth Sovann Dalis came to Phnom Penh from her home town in the South East Cambodia and started her singing career in 2003. She now begins to emerge after her hard work and determination for almost 4 years. Though she is still far behind some female singers who can’t even sing as good as she does in terms of her recognition and supports from Khmer entertainment industry and society, especially in USA, she is on her way to be a star! Recently, she begins to appear more and more on TV Programs including Mon Sne Samneang of CTN, and that has helped her a great deal to be seen and recognized by Khmer people living in USA and other countries. Though her voice is typical, it is very soothing and comforting for the types of song she chooses to sing. Her singing style is gentle, slow and sentimental. Mostly she sings oldie songs from the 70s and some new slow rewritten songs. Most of the time she is on stage, Phuth Sovann Dalis portray herself as an ideal Khmer girl – gentle, polite and friendly and of course she has no rumors or scales so far. She is normally seen wearing Khmer traditional but fashionable outfits in good taste.

Chhorn Sovannareach Profile

Thursday, December 27, 2007 (05:48:27)
Chhorn Sovannreach was a great singer when he was with U2 and Chenla Brother Production but nobody paid much attention to him. However, when he joined RHM for less than 6 months, Chhorn Sovanareach has now surprisingly risen to a near top position, rocking the world of pop music and making some people thinking if this 21 year old rising star is taking over the RHM’s top performance trophy from Preap Sovath. People are talking about it everywhere - local and overseas. Unlike Sok Reaksa who has been with RHM for a while now and only gets one or two songs in a CD or DVD without much publicity, Chhorn Sovannareach seems to make a consistent spikes picking up the pace since his performance with RHM’s Best of the Best 2007

Men Khongkear Profile

Saturday, December 22, 2007 (05:05:39)
Click here to discuss about Men Khongkear. “Khongkear or Kungkear” is a powerful Cambodian word. It means Moha Samot or Maha Sakor in Khmer – an ocean in English. When it is given to someone as a name, it makes the person particularly strong and powerful. About 2 years ago, Men Khongkear – an emerging female Khmer singer was interviewed by Yok Chenda of CTN. During the interview, she was asked to sing a part of a Khmer song without music. That was when her beautiful and powerful voice was acoustically and skillfully projected thousands of mile – from one continent to another crossing Moha Sakor - reaching audience all over the world. I happened to watch the Program and was impressed by the quality of her voice and began to recognize her name.

There was not much publicity on her overseas like other singers after that. Until recently, Men (Pen) Khongkear was sponsored by Cambodian Entertainment of America (CEA) to perform in USA. With help from Mr. Thong F. Chau, the Marketing Manager of CEA, Angkorthom.US conducted a phone interview with her. Hence, this article was written to add her profile to Angkorthom.US so that Khmer people in the world can learn more about her.

Khiev Sokharavy Profile ***Update***

Thursday, November 22, 2007 (05:20:40)
Updated on April 30, 2008: Sok Khavary told her reason.
Click here to discuss or read more about Khiev Sokharavy and Suk Sophea. Khiev Sokharavy came to Channel 21 again on April 30, 2008 to tell the world about the reason why Suk Sophea and she surprisingly called off their wedding only three days from the planned wedding day. Khieve Kokharavy started with a song called Yum Ors Tuk Pnek (Cry Until No More Tears). She told Yok Chinda that the main reason was her health and there was a “little other bothering matter” which only Suk Sophea and her know. With a follow up question from Yok Chinda, she then added that it was an old matter which she thought it was resolved but it turned out it was not. When Yok Chinda asked her about her relationship with Suk Sophea after the incident, she said Suk Sophea is still an important person to her but Suk Sphea and she have not been as close as before because they both are very busy. Khiev Sokharavy said postponing the wedding would allow them to resolve the outstanding matter and to get to know each other better, but she would not promise anything again. Khiev Sokharavy denied all rumors including a rumor about Suk Sphea getting shot and her running away with an Oknha, etc.

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