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CMAXIM: Oy I need to go to sleep houy na as we will go crabbing tomorrow morning. Smile
CMAXIM: Kolab, Ott Hern Cham Te Klach KC sleep na Smile
CMAXIM: TennyP, that is great ! Smile
battambang: Phaoun Kolab, enjoy and take pictures phorng. Smile We have no party this weekend. Sad
battambang: You are welcome, enjoy and happy birthday. Smile
TennyP: Pou BB and Ming Da! I got the DVD in the mail! Thank you so much!!!!
kolabbattambong: going to party tonigth.
kolabbattambong: ber jeng sabai jet bon tij...:)
battambang: Kom Yom Ey....Chap Chab...:)
kolabbattambong: lark krou jam phorng ber jeng yom taet huey. Smile
battambang: Klean pek nirng na. Smile
kolabbattambong: krun tae jam kor min ban dae. Sad
CMAXIM: I am going shopping houy then go to see KC Smile
battambang: U pek nov nham Banh Kanh ors bat. lol
kolabbattambong: wake up huey I want some breakfast please. Smile
Fancy: happy saturday and good night all
CMAXIM: Happy Friday to all !
battambang: Friday. Phaoun Kolab wake up nov? Smile
somebodythere2: Smile Smile Smile
kolabbattambong: my eyes is hurting very bad need some sleep.Drop by to say good night.
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Chin Sinarak Profile

Sunday, May 25, 2008 (04:49:20)
Click here to discuss about Chin Sinarak. During 1979 when Khmer Rouge regime was driven from power to the Western part of Cambodia, some areas in the country were still at wars. Many Cambodians were very poor. People could not find enough foods to survive. While some Cambodians were forced to go along with Khmer Rouge solders, some went to the border and lived there themselves to obtain food assistance from United Nations. There were several refugee camps along the Khmer/Thai border. Some of them were run by Khmer Rouge and some were run by a government resistance group. Sok San was one of the refugee camps at the border. That was where Chin Sinarak was born and raised when he was a child. Life at a refugee camp was unpredictable and uncertain. Education and health care for children were provided by different charity organizations and inadequate. Chin Sinarak spent his childhood and attended his elementary school in the camp. Though Chin Sinarak did not have a strong foundation in his early education, he determined to get his college education when he came to Phnom Penh, regardless how poor his family was. Further more, as a young man Chin Sinarak utilized his mother-given talents and strived to be one of recognizable persons in Cambodian society today as an actor, host and singer.

Yut Thi Sak Profile

Saturday, May 24, 2008 (03:26:10)
Click here to discuss about Yut Thisak and Dara Tormeas. Ms. Khiev Chinda formed a male dancing group called Dara Tormeas that originally included six members. But through out previous Reymeas, VIP and Tormeas volumes, new and old faces emerged and temporary filled in for absent members. However, there have been a couple of faces that we continue to see as each new volume is released. That individual is Pim Sak or as his stage name, Yut Thi Sak.

Yut Thi Sak lived a typical childhood. He was born on February 2, 1983 in Por Prok Village, Ta Kat district, Dong Kou Section, Phnom Penh City. Growing up Sak lived with his father Pim San and mother Meas Sokha along with three brothers and four sisters. Living in a full house, Sak managed to attend Po Prok Elementary School and later finished his studies at Chompue Vann College where Sak studied English. After completing college, Sak’s uncle introduced him to a club owner, Rin Ravy. For a short period of time, Sak helped out around the club. But he later found himself on the set of Pkay Prak Production. From then on Yut Thi Sak established his career in the Khmer entertainment industry.

Yuk Chinda Profile ***Updated***

Thursday, May 15, 2008 (02:58:12)
Updated on May 5, 2009: Adding new information

Click here to discuss about Yuk Chinda.CTN (Cambodian Television Network) is one of the Khmer leading televisions that have provided great services to all Khmer people around the world! For those who are CTN subscribers and know Yok Chinda, you probably agree that she is the most important hostess and producer of CTN.

Yok Chinda has been working for CTN since its birth. She is the producer of very important and popular programs such as: Channel 21, Mon Snei Somneang, Dontrey Thngai Atit, etc., with Mr. Ith Sitha and Ung Ratha. She has worked as a hostess and producer. CTN Channel 21 is all about recognizing Khmer people who deserve recognition especially those who have contributed to Khmer entertainment and arts. CTN Channel 21 is one of very difficult programs as it contains a great deal of information about Khmer important persons or stars. Yok Chinda has managed to have this program forecasted every week on Wednesday!

Muny Sross Profile

Friday, May 09, 2008 (13:55:48)
Click here to discuss about Muny Sros. If you don't know what the expression "killing with a smile" means, just have a look at Muny Sros' face when she smiles... You would then find it very easy to understand the meaning of that expression. Indeed, everybody agrees on the fact that Sros has a very distinctive and unique smile, one that can make you melt to the ground. No wonder her nickname is Sros... Her real name is Monica. The reason why she chose the name Muny Sros was because in her family, everybody calls her Sros because she used to have (and still have) a kinda young and “sros” face. Since her real name is “Munica” or “Monica”, she then mixed “Muni” with “Sros” to make it Muny Sros. For some reason, she rarely or never uses her real name on stage, and often uses instead just Sros or Muny Sros.

Sen Ranut (Sen Ranot) Profile

Thursday, April 24, 2008 (02:58:18)
Click here to discuss about Sen Ranut. If you lived in Battambang province, and wanted to go to Seam Reap, you would need to take the National High Way 5 to Svay Sisopon and then take the National High Way 6 from Svay Sisopon to Seam Rreap. On the way about 20 miles from Battambang City on the Nation High Way 5, you will reach a district called Thmor Kol which is a very popular place for travelers to strop for a coffee or breakfast and now Thmor Kol is famous for great roasted ducks. That is where Sen Ranut was born and raised. Sen Ranut is currently a permanent vocalist for SM Production. Unlike some Khmer artists who sing well but does not have a look, Sen Ranut has both the look and voice and that makes him a super star in the eyes of his female fans. Popular Magazine released an article about Sen Ranut last year with a title, “A Handsome Singer Who Makes Girl Crazy.” Whenever women talk about Sen Ranut, they say he is hot and you can tell how popular he is by the volume of conversions and discussions about him on the Internet. More than 8 years into his singing profession, Sen Ranut’s fame and reputation have gone so far away that it has reached the land of Australia, France and then America. Now, Sen Ranut is touring in USA.

Pen Sophany Profile

Thursday, April 10, 2008 (04:06:56)
Click here to discuss about Pen Sophany. Born and began her acting career the same year as Ampor Tevy did, Pen Sophany had the same problem during in 1990s when Khmer movie industry was weakening due to a fierce competition from foreign movie productions. There were very few movies produced at the time and of course Pen Sophany couldn’t compete with Ampor Tevy for the jobs, she then acted for Chlang Den Production, KH Production and a few other karaoke production companies for several years until she got married and left her acting career all together. Though she was not as famous and visible as Ampor Tevy at the time, Pen Sophany did take the heart of some male fans away with her when she disappeared. She was said very charming for her two dimples and friendly character. There were a lot of questions from her fans especially men puzzling about her disappearance. Recently, those sadden fans are now once again happy as Pen Sophy is reemerging in Khmer entertainment. She had opened a new chapter of her acting career with her acting role as a “Chum Teav” in a famous and most-talked movie called Pous Sne (Poisonous Love) directed by Phai Sam Arng for Bayon TV. She did not only come back for acting but also for modeling and singing. Many men are happy to see her with new attitude and updated look which makes their heart pumping fast again.

Ampor Tevy Profile

Saturday, March 29, 2008 (04:31:42)
Click here to discuss about Ampor Tevy. For those who watched Khmer movies in early 1990s, you most likely saw a film stared by Ampor Tevy (Om Por Tevy). It is hard to miss her movies as she acted for more than 100 movies at the time and hundreds of Karaoke songs for many different music production companies afterward. Everybody especially men thought Ampor Tevy was very beautiful and talented actress among a few other leading stars at the time such as Sok Sreymom, Oum Savaney, Keo Kolayan, Piset Pilika, etc. She first emerged in a movie called Sne Hiek Chiek Vihnean with Sam Vityea. After Sam Vityea passed away, Ampor Tevey was then seen paired up with the legacy and respectable Khmer actor Tep Rindaro in many movies and Karaoke songs. She continued to gain her popularity with each new movie released until she earned her title as a super star in the Khmer film industry in 1990s.

Meng Keo Pich Chinda (Pichata) Profile

Thursday, March 20, 2008 (04:37:47)
Click here to discuss about Meng Keo Pich Chinda. When they say you can’t forecast the future, it is true. Nobody can tell what will happen in a next second of your life. In 1988 when the two young girls Meng Keo Pich Chinda (Pichata) and Touch Srey Nich (Sonich) went on stage captivated everybody’s heart with a song called Some Puk Vil Vinh (Please Come Back, Father), did you know one of these girls would be rich and famous living like a queen and the other is confined to a wheelchair for all her life? Observing both girls growing up through their personal and career life, we can see Meng Keo Pich Chinda and Touch Srey Nich were neck and neck with each other since they started. They both seemed to progress at about the same rate, and they were approximately on the same level in terms of popularity and reputation. Even their performing and signing styles are also similar. This was seen that way, until Touch Srey Nich unfortunately got shot on Tuesday 21 of October 2003, Meng Keo Pich Chinda’s popularity went shooting like a rocket making her the only Khmer entertainment queen. Over the last several years, Meng Keo Pich Chinda had risen above and beyond any female vocalist in Cambodia during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Yuk Thit Ratha and Kum Bannadeth Profile

Friday, February 29, 2008 (04:32:19)
Click here to discuss about Yuk Thit Ratha and Kum Bunnadeth. Not many famous singers movie stars stayed married for a very long. This is not only in Khmer society but in other societies as well when it comes to a celebrity’s marriage. There are many factors contributing to this phenomenon, but one of them is jealousy. It is too difficult for one to see his or her spouse touching, hugging and kissing with another man or woman though it is for acting. We see many married stars getting divorced left and right. It Seypin, Ouen Srey Mom, Ben Sophany, etc. have been divorced. On the other hand, there are a few married celebrity couples who are still holding tight to keep their career and marriage. Yuk Thit Ratha and Kum Bunadeth are one of them. They both have been married for almost 2 years now and their marriage fire is still burning and going strong.

Yun Sopheap Profile

Thursday, February 21, 2008 (04:31:45)
Click here to discuss about Yun Sopheap. Yun Sopheap did not only go back to Cambodia after his USA tour in late 2006 and early 2007 with a great success and big smile on his face, but also many great friendships he had made here in the US during his stay. Both in the country and overseas, many Cambodian people love Yun Sopheap for his singing skills, great voice and especially his character. In their eyes, Yun Sopheap is not only a great singer but also smart, friendly, gentle, talented and of course handsome. Originated from a farmer family with no performing art backgrounds or experience passed on from his family, Yun Sopheap had to develop his own career path from scratch by himself and dared to take a big adventure in Khmer entertainment with only his mother-given voice and his determination. Started about the same time as Chorm Bunyong and Ek Seday, Yuk Sopheap has managed to keep his popularity and reputation in an upward trend all the way and still continue to prosper regardless of the fierce competition from younger singers.

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