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CMAXIM: Oy I need to go to sleep houy na as we will go crabbing tomorrow morning. Smile
CMAXIM: Kolab, Ott Hern Cham Te Klach KC sleep na Smile
CMAXIM: TennyP, that is great ! Smile
battambang: Phaoun Kolab, enjoy and take pictures phorng. Smile We have no party this weekend. Sad
battambang: You are welcome, enjoy and happy birthday. Smile
TennyP: Pou BB and Ming Da! I got the DVD in the mail! Thank you so much!!!!
kolabbattambong: going to party tonigth.
kolabbattambong: ber jeng sabai jet bon tij...:)
battambang: Kom Yom Ey....Chap Chab...:)
kolabbattambong: lark krou jam phorng ber jeng yom taet huey. Smile
battambang: Klean pek nirng na. Smile
kolabbattambong: krun tae jam kor min ban dae. Sad
CMAXIM: I am going shopping houy then go to see KC Smile
battambang: U pek nov nham Banh Kanh ors bat. lol
kolabbattambong: wake up huey I want some breakfast please. Smile
Fancy: happy saturday and good night all
CMAXIM: Happy Friday to all !
battambang: Friday. Phaoun Kolab wake up nov? Smile
somebodythere2: Smile Smile Smile
kolabbattambong: my eyes is hurting very bad need some sleep.Drop by to say good night.
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Pen Chomrong Profile

Thursday, March 05, 2009 (05:35:46)
Click here to discuss about Pen Chomrong.Battambang is a well-known Province in Cambodia where many great Khmer artists originated from in the past and present time. In the early 1900s, L’ Oknha Suttantaprija Ind who was a great poet came from Battambang. In the more recent time, there are countless artists who came from the province and excelled in Khmer entertainment world. Just to name a few: Houe Lavy, Chhorm Chorvin, Tep Rindaro, Khiev Samphet, Heng Bunleap, Doung Zorida, Chhin Seriya, Sen Ranuth, etc. came from Battambang. Now, we can add another great artist to the list – Pen Chamrong. Though he has not been on the field for many years compared to other artists on the list, Pen Chamrong is a familiar name when you talk about Khmer entertainment. Handsome, polite, talented and articulated are some of the words you can use to describe him. Only within a few years, he went from being just a helper behind the stage to a great actor. Yet, he has more potentials as both a great actor and singer. For that reason and many requests from his fans, Angkorthom.US has interviewed him and added his profile for our community.

Khan James Profile

Thursday, December 18, 2008 (04:50:49)
Click here to discuss about Khan James. When we talk about Rock Production, the names of Khan James and Nyda (Srey Khouch) will pop up in our mind. Rock Production is one of the Khmer Entertainment companies in Cambodia. Khan James is an outstanding male singer with a great voice for Rock Production. He is the most popular artist among other male singers. He has been with Rock Production since its birth. Before Khan James became a well-known male singer for Rock Production, he had gone through a rough road in his life.

Khan James was born on January 1st, 1981 in Ta Keo Province. He is the second child of six in his family (3 boys and 3 girls). His father’s name is Khan Jem who is a police officer in Ta Keo Province. His mother’s name is Phonn Phea who is a small business owner (selling Kuy Teav) in Ta Keo Province. Khan James went to Tror Pang On Dek Elementary School. Then he continued to Thnout Chum Middle School. Khan James was interested in Khmer entertainment since he was thirteen years old. He loved to sing, act and imitate other entertainers. He sang for free or some small gifts for a party or event held in his village. Khan James would cut school for a party where there was one near by. Then he would come home, collect all cooking pots, plates, bowls, spoons, and used them as his musical instruments to practice his singing and music.

Khiev Sreyphea Profile

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 (07:00:21)
Click here to discuss about Khiev Sreyphea. Team work is the key to success. Reymeas production has a very special team which includes some family members. Khiev Srey Phea is one of the key team players of Reymeas production. She is a technical support manager. Khiev Srey Phea is only 20 year old. She has been a technical support manager for four years now. She was born on January 7, 1988. Her father’s name is Tunn Sath who is now retired. Her mother’s name is Khiev Borin who also helps Reymeas production where her skills permit. Khiev Srey Phea’s parents were from Preay Veng province. She is the forth child of five (3 boys and 2 girls) in her family.

Khiev Srey Phea is a very sweet beautiful polite young Khmer girl. To help her family out, Khiev Srey Phea finished her school at ninth grade. She acted as a technical support manager since then. Khiev Srey Phea’s primary responsibility is to ensure that music production operations run smoothly. She manages the business plans and then follows up. She makes sure singers, actors and actresses who work for Reymeas production come to practice, perform and record as scheduled. Besides managing the recording schedule for Reymeas production, Khiev Srey Phea also takes initiatives to cook for Reymeas production crews and her family. She always helps her family out as much as she can to ease her family responsibilities.

Sapoun Midada Profile

Sunday, December 07, 2008 (05:16:06)
Click here to discuss about Sapoun Midada.Midada was born on 2/3/1981. His father’s name is Kim Sapoun - a Khmer traditional musician and Lakorn Basak actor. He passed away on 10/10/2007 at the age of 66. Please see the news article about his father’s death here. His mother is Ben San. She is now 69 years old. She lives with him today. Sapoun Midada has two brothers with no sister in the family. He is the youngest child. Both brothers are not in performing arts nor Khmer entertainment. They are working and live on their own with their families. Sapoun Midada was born in Kean Svay – Kandal Province. He went to study in Sam Roung Elementary school in Kean Svay. He then came to live in Phnom Penh and studied at Vath Kos and then Sisovath College. Because his father knew French very well, he learned French from his father since he was young. Because French was his favorite field and he already had a good base of it already, Sapoun Midada initially thought that he would pursue a career in French. So he then decided to continue to study French at a French cultural center in Phnom Penh.

Saray Sakana's Profile

Monday, December 01, 2008 (00:31:36)
Click here to discuss about Saray Sakana. Yes, Saray Sakana is only 18 years old. Yes, in just 2 years in the entertainment, she has already over 20 movies and countless karaoke clips and photoshooting sessions to her credit. On TV screen you can see her on dramas, movies, advertisements, concerts, karaokes, and entertainment shows. You can also see her on fashion and stars magazines.

Sakana's father, Mr Chea Saray is a civil servant and her mother, Mrs Chap Than Samphors, is a caring housewife. Like many girls, when she was young, Sakana wanted to work in the entertainment. Unlike many other girls, she had the chance to have the supports of her parents, especially of her mother, who always believe in her in any occasion. As the oldest child and the only girl of a family of 4 children, Sakana doesn't want to waste time and when she does something she likes, the least we could say is that she doesn't do it halfway. That is why she is now entirely dedicating herself to entertainment.

Sok Seylalin Profile

Thursday, November 27, 2008 (07:28:16)
Click here to discuss about Sok Seylalin. In Khmer entertainment market, artists normally have their own unique characteristics and abilities which make them who they are and special in their own way. Most famous vocalists are specialized in one area of entertainment such as Khmer traditional, modern or foreign but for Sok Seylalin she is incredibly talented in a wide range of songs and music. She is one of a very few Khmer artists who are not only great at Khmer traditional, modern but also English songs. This would include anything from English and Hip Hop to Saravan and other Khmer traditional music. That is not to mention about her unique and entertaining choreography. Only at 19 years of age, this little young girl is already internationally renowned. That is impressive for such as young girl. Even herself, she did not realize she is that well-known and well-liked by Khmer communities through out the world.

Sok Srey Pich Profile

Saturday, November 22, 2008 (18:36:22)
Click here to discuss about Sok Srey Pich. Falling in love at first sight is a well-known powerful expression. For those who had experienced it before know it when it is happening. Sok Srey Pich is a type of girl who you would fall in love with very easily if you saw her performing. When I first saw her singing with Yun Sopheap on Reymeas Volume 100, I blurted, “Wow, who is this girl?” Her beauty and great voice caught my attention. As you know, Reymeas Production always has many beautiful Khmer Stars in every volume, but Sok Srey Pich is especially attractive. I was stunt to see her performing. That is because of the charm she brought to the stage, and she made a great impact.

Sok Srey Pich is a very beautiful talented young Khmer girl with great voice and character. The way she acted and danced was just perfect as an ideal Khmer girl. After seeing her on the DVD, I began to search for more information about her as this was the first time I saw her. With that great performance, I was certain that she was not a new singer. With help from Ms. Khiev Chanda – Reymeas Production Producer, I was able to interview Sok Srey Pich on November 15, 2008. Just like what I thought, Sok Srey Pich is a very experienced artist. She is not new to Khmer entertainment though she has just made her first appearance with Reymeas Production.

Rin Saveth Profile

Thursday, November 20, 2008 (06:14:29)
Click here to discuss about Rin Saveth. Rasmey Hang Meas Production is one of a very few reputable film and music production companies in Cambodia. It has been in business for many years. Most of their singers think they are very lucky to work for the company. Likewise, Rin Saveth considered himself very lucky when he was hired and awarded with a 5 year contract by Rasmey Hang Meas Production. He has been with them since 2004. Rin Saveth is usually seen recording for slow, sentimental songs from 1970s by Sin Sisamouth. Once in a while, we see him singing traditional songs such as Rom Vong, Lam Loa, Kontrim, etc. That is his specialty because his gentleman appearance and his soft and pleasant voice fit him for these kinds of songs. In real life, Rin Saveth is a gentleman – very polite and humble.

Chhouen Oudom Profile

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 (04:46:38)
Click here to discuss about Chhouen Oudom. Handsome, gentle, humble and soft spoken, Chhouen Oudom is a great singer. Some people said he does not look like a singer or entertainer but a college professor or a doctor. That is because he is always dressed like an office professional or educator. Regardless of his look or what people say about him, Chhouen Oudom is a career singer. He has been recording and singing for many years now. At least at the moment, Chhouen Oudom does not consider himself anything else but a singer. So far he had played in two movies but has not been recorded for any new movie for the past several years.

Looking at his career line, Chhouen Oudom came to the Khmer entertainment world and became known to Khmer entertainment communities about the same time and capacity as Yun Sopheap and Ek Siday. They have similar styles and sing the same kinds of song. Though he is not considered a super star like Preap Sovath or Chorn Sovanareach, he is very visible and popular among middle age and matured audience for his character and performance. Most middle age and matured audience outside and inside of the country know him.

Mith Vanna (Mit Vanna) Profile

Friday, October 17, 2008 (18:01:50)
Click here to discuss about Mith Vanna. Thousands of Cambodian children as young as 3 or 4 years old are living in poverty and have to work to help support their family. You probably remember the Maslow's hierarchy of needs from your Psychology 101 class that one has to have his/her physical needs met before he/she begins to explore for other needs such as safety, love, belongings, self-esteem or self-actualization. So if you don’t even have enough rice for lunch or dinner each time, would you be dreaming of building your future or being the most educated person in the world?

One would argue with the Maslow’s theory, but when Mith Vanna told me she did not have a chance to go to an elementary school during her interview with me in Castro Valley on October 04, 2008, there was no need for me to ask her why. Born and raised in Cambodia, I could very well see her as little girl working in rice fields with her parents each day. When she came home late in evening, she had to take care of her hungry sisters before she could even start looking for food for herself. When I paused from taking notes and looked at her, Mith Vanna managed to give me a little smile without saying any word, but deep down inside of her I could hear her saying, “I just didn’t have a chance as an eldest daughter of a very poor family of 8.” At the time she was working in rice fields as a little girl, do you think she knew one day she would be in USA touring and having hundreds of fans traveling from one city to another and buy tickets just to see her? That is the theme of this profile – a little girl with no formal schooling is now a star!

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