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CMAXIM: Oy I need to go to sleep houy na as we will go crabbing tomorrow morning. Smile
CMAXIM: Kolab, Ott Hern Cham Te Klach KC sleep na Smile
CMAXIM: TennyP, that is great ! Smile
battambang: Phaoun Kolab, enjoy and take pictures phorng. Smile We have no party this weekend. Sad
battambang: You are welcome, enjoy and happy birthday. Smile
TennyP: Pou BB and Ming Da! I got the DVD in the mail! Thank you so much!!!!
kolabbattambong: going to party tonigth.
kolabbattambong: ber jeng sabai jet bon tij...:)
battambang: Kom Yom Ey....Chap Chab...:)
kolabbattambong: lark krou jam phorng ber jeng yom taet huey. Smile
battambang: Klean pek nirng na. Smile
kolabbattambong: krun tae jam kor min ban dae. Sad
CMAXIM: I am going shopping houy then go to see KC Smile
battambang: U pek nov nham Banh Kanh ors bat. lol
kolabbattambong: wake up huey I want some breakfast please. Smile
Fancy: happy saturday and good night all
CMAXIM: Happy Friday to all !
battambang: Friday. Phaoun Kolab wake up nov? Smile
somebodythere2: Smile Smile Smile
kolabbattambong: my eyes is hurting very bad need some sleep.Drop by to say good night.
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Kong Sothearith Profile

Saturday, March 20, 2010 (23:07:18)
Click here to discuss about Kong Sotharith. Kong Sophearith is a man of commitment and confidence. He has been working his way up through the ladder in the tough market environment of Khmer entertainment industry today. With almost a decade of experience in Khmer entertainment and working for the Department of Arts and Culture, Kong Sothearith is a star shinning from the East of the world floating up high to bright up Khmer people locally and overseas. He has proved to the public that he too can entertain people and be a great singer. Each time he sings, he is confident, precise and he articulates the meaning of the song with his great voice and talents.

Ny Monineath

Sunday, February 28, 2010 (08:02:06)
Click here to discuss about Ny Monineath. Ny Monineath is an emerging star – beautiful, young and full of potentials and talents. She is on the rise after two movies made by CTN, Rachany Doung Chet and Phka Knong Phka. These two movies had given her a big push to the top and brought her to the real world of Khmer film production. She is well-known for her abilities to act well for sad characters. They gave her a chance. She took it and turned it into gold. Some of Monineath’s key success factors are her commitment, determination and confidence. Coupled with her beauty and natural talents, Monineath will definitely continue to rise and become a super star if her fans and film production companies continue to support and give her more chances.

Tep Rindaro Profile

Monday, January 11, 2010 (05:51:14)
Click here to discuss about Tep Rindaro. Tep Rindaro is one of the most respectful stars from the 1980s and he is still popular. His peers like Khai Piseth, Som Dara, Yous Bovannak, Som Vithjea, Peach Pirun have gone on to other career or completely disappeared from the industry. Unlike Hollywood, Khmer entertainment does not generally promote old stars. Younger stars in early 20 or younger are given a role as a father or mother by applying make up to make them look old, leaving only a very few opportunities for older stars. Though Tep Rindaro is not as visible as he used to be in Khmer movies or music videos like in the 1990s, he is still one of the most well-known male stars, and he is seen in every important occasion and event.

Som Mana Profile

Thursday, December 17, 2009 (07:29:12)
Click here to discuss about Som Mana. Som Mana is one of the Dara Reymeas dancers for many years. She has been primarily dancing for Reymeas Production but she also works for other music and Karaoke productions such as SM, KSM, VIP, Reaksmey Neak Hos, etc. In addition to her dancing career, she is also a model and actress. She is very friendly, pleasant, fun and she is very pretty too. Some Dara Reymeas come and go but Sam Mana has been with the team since she joined them, and she is still with the group. Recently, she acted in a famous series movie aired on Bayon TV called Pus Snei. This movie is one of the highly profiled movies directed by Mr. Phay Som Ang . Most people know Som Mana because she is part of Dara Reymeas, but some know her from the movies she acted. Though she is not yet known as a great singer, Som Mana has been trained and practicing singing, and it is one of her goals to become a great singer.

Pho Sophanith Profile

Sunday, November 15, 2009 (23:40:52)
Click here to discuss about Pho Sophanith. Unlike before 1975 when there was only one Khmer TV station in Cambodia and working for a TV station as a host or producer was limited to only a few individuals, now there are many TV and radio stations - both private and government owned. This has created a whole new media industry for Cambodian people not only to find a job but also to build a career. Being a successful TV host or producer can be seen as a highly regarded professional in Khmer society similar to being a famous movie star or professional singer. While there are many TV hosts who are just hopping around from one station to another or from one job to another, Pho Sophanith is a truly professional TV host and producer who has been very well-known to be one of the greatest.

Porn Nida - Srey Khouch Profile

Friday, September 18, 2009 (04:34:43)
Click here to discuss about Porn Nida. Holding the title of CTN 2007 Super Girl, Porn Nida/Nyda or Srey Kouch is one of the high profiled Rock Production artists among Ut Chakriya, Sorn Solika and Mok Anith. Not only in the country, Porn Nida also has become more and more familiar name in Khmer entertainment spot lights and discussions overseas and on the Internet. She is perhaps the most recognized Rock Production female singer at this point in terms of her popularity in the US and other countries. Most people think that it is her voice that makes her one of the best. With her only 10 or 11 songs with Rock Production so far, Nida is well-known. People already like her voice, and they say her voice is one of the greatest – strong and unique.

Ut Chakriya Profile

Saturday, August 29, 2009 (18:01:12)
Click here to discuss about Ut Chakriya.Chakriya is a very popular female name. It means good character in Khmer. Someone with the name Chakriya is generally considered to be soft, gentle and polite. One of emerging Rock Production artists is Ut Chakriya. She fits perfectly in the character of a Chakriya - very soft, gentle and polite. During her interview with me, she was very polite and soft, giving me an impression of Sopheap Neary Khmer. Though Rock Production has just created in 2007 and Chakriya has only produced about 6 or 7 songs at the time of the interview, she has been widely recognized and known for her signature song Krovan Seam Reap – one of theme songs in a CTN movie, Rachany Doung Chet. Because the movie is aired via CTN in several countries and it was a big hit movie, many people liked the song and began to know her voice very quickly.

Meas Soksophea Profile

Saturday, August 01, 2009 (04:50:08)
Click here to discuss about Meas Soksophea.About two years ago when I first wrote Meas Soksophea’s profile, her popularity was already rising, and more and more people began to recognize the quality of her voice and talent. I personally was a big fan of hers myself. She was one of the stars for whom I chose to write a profile when www.Angkorthom.US was just created. Here is one of the paragraphs from her old profile, “…that is a Khmer young girl named Meas Soksophea. I saw her the first time on one of Reymeas Karaoke DVDs. Her voice caught my attention right away. I thought she was a little, cute and young girl with a very fine voice and she could sing Khmer/English songs better than most Cambodian singers at the time. A few months later, every Khmer Karaoke DVD I bought, she is on them. She is everywhere including many CTN TV programs, etc…” Click here to read her old profile.

Khieu Sansana Profile

Monday, May 18, 2009 (02:43:00)
Click here to discuss about Khieu Sansana. Bright, pleasant, cute, friendly, talented, entertaining, hardworking, intelligent are some of the words people describe Khieu Sansana - a hostess of Cambodian Network Television - CTN. People around the world, especially those who are CTN subscribers know Khieu Sansana very well for her talents and pleasant personality. It does not take much to get people to agree that she is not just a regular hostess of CTN but a super star. Every time she is off, people take notice. Without her, CTN would not be the same. Fans had requested to have her profile added to Angkorthom.US long time ago, and we just had an opportunity to conduct a phone interview with her. Hence this profile was written for her fans to know more about her.

Prum Ratha Profile

Thursday, May 07, 2009 (23:39:15)
Click here to discuss about Prum Ratha. When you are talking about Prum Ratha, some people especially those who were into Khmer entertainment in late 1990s know her well from her acting as Mouen Chouey – the female main character’s name of a very famous Khmer story Mak Therng. For those who came to Khmer entertainment later may not know her because she came and lived in USA for several years, and she was not very visible in Khmer entertainment during that time. You then may wonder and ask why Angkorthom.US decided to add her profile.

That is because when she first emerged in Khmer entertainment as Mouen Chouey in Mak Therng Karaoke videos, she literally made Khmer communities throughout the world fall in love with her. People who saw the videos were stunned with her amazing acting skills. One of Angkorthom.US members said Prum Ratha made her cry every time she watched Mak Therng. Because of her talents and beauty, it didn’t take her more than one volume of songs for everybody to get to know her. And now she is back and we want to introduce her to those who did not know her in the past and reintroduce her to her fans.

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