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CMAXIM: Oy I need to go to sleep houy na as we will go crabbing tomorrow morning. Smile
CMAXIM: Kolab, Ott Hern Cham Te Klach KC sleep na Smile
CMAXIM: TennyP, that is great ! Smile
battambang: Phaoun Kolab, enjoy and take pictures phorng. Smile We have no party this weekend. Sad
battambang: You are welcome, enjoy and happy birthday. Smile
TennyP: Pou BB and Ming Da! I got the DVD in the mail! Thank you so much!!!!
kolabbattambong: going to party tonigth.
kolabbattambong: ber jeng sabai jet bon tij...:)
battambang: Kom Yom Ey....Chap Chab...:)
kolabbattambong: lark krou jam phorng ber jeng yom taet huey. Smile
battambang: Klean pek nirng na. Smile
kolabbattambong: krun tae jam kor min ban dae. Sad
CMAXIM: I am going shopping houy then go to see KC Smile
battambang: U pek nov nham Banh Kanh ors bat. lol
kolabbattambong: wake up huey I want some breakfast please. Smile
Fancy: happy saturday and good night all
CMAXIM: Happy Friday to all !
battambang: Friday. Phaoun Kolab wake up nov? Smile
somebodythere2: Smile Smile Smile
kolabbattambong: my eyes is hurting very bad need some sleep.Drop by to say good night.
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Li Marina Profile

Saturday, April 07, 2007 (12:19:28)
She might be in the same career line with Pich Pisey, Chea Somnang, Ouk Marima, Chorn Chanlakena, Ben Sophany or Rita. Some of these actresses are seen playing a mother role in a movie, including her right now. Her male counterparts would be Heng Dary, Klang Ketseyla, Yuth Charachani or Tep Rindaro. During her interview for CTN Channel 21 Star Program, Li Marina made her audience see her importance side of honesty and how smart she was trying to succeed in her career though she did not have a lot of support from her family at first.

Li Marina went to Wat Kos Sala and then studied music for 2 years. She quit school when she was 15 year old due to transportation problems. After quitting school, she then took some private English classes. In 1997, she applied for a job at Done Penh College and then worked for Sonthormok Sala as a Kindergaden English teacher for a year. She described her days at Sonthormok Sala that each day she would have her students practice writing an English character over and over again all day. Each letter would take several days before she started a new lesson. This was done because she did not have much English knowledge at the time. About a year later, when her students caught up with her English command and also when her mom had a broken leg, she quit working at Sonthormok Sala. After that, she was at home taking care of her mother. She described those days boring.

Duch Sophea Profile

Friday, April 06, 2007 (22:15:50)
Perhaps what makes Duch Sophea distinguished from other Khmer female stars is her unique ability to portray her beauty and acting talent in many Khmer movies for a short period of time. When I first saw her in the Mek Chas Dey Thmey (Old Sky New Earth) movie broadcasted via CTN, I was very impressed by her acting - very young but amazingly talented. To my surprise, that was just her first movie. In only about 2 years, she has acted for more than 20 movies and appeared in countless commercials and TV shows. This makes her especially special among many other young female movie stars.

Meng Bunlo Profile

Friday, March 23, 2007 (22:59:46)
Meng Bunlo was born and raised in Kompong Chnang province. He has two other brothers and two sisters. One of his brothers Meng Bunly is one of the Group 4 Stars members together with Pring Chan Bot, and Mr. Som Ho Pakdey. The other brother is a Buddhist monk at the time this article is being written. His father is a tailor and his mother is a neighborhood vendor selling cakes and breakfast such as Banh Cheov and Bobo (porridge).

In 1986 Meng Bunlo went to attended Tak Sin Elementary school and he then went to Sihanuk College until he graduated at 12th grade. During his interview with Yuk Chinda for Channel 21 Star program, Meng Bunlo told Yuk Chinda that he was not good in school academically due to his health issues. However, he was very good at art such as drawing, painting, signing and calligraphy. During his late years in college, he did calligraphy to earn money to fund his private classes after school time.

Meas Sok Sophea Profile ***Updated***

Friday, March 16, 2007 (21:55:16)
Note: There is a new and more updated profile for Meas Soksophea here.

Updated 07/27/2007 :Meas Soksophea Came Back Home

Meas Soksophea got back home from her visit to USA. The visit was a big success for Meas Soksophea. Obviously, people in USA loved her – everywhere she performed, there was a big turn out. Together with Danh Monica, Meas Soksphea entertained the crowd with her English and Khmer songs. She was very energetic and friendly. Her dancing skills now seem to be unlimited – modern, rock or traditional. She used to say she was not good at dancing but now her choreography seemed to be very smooth and effortless.

I should also add she has been seen more revealing with her latest fashions – nothing off the limit but it is a gradual change in her style and presentation from when she first started her career. I myself went to one of her performance in California – in Richmond for 2007 Khmer New Year and had a back-stage photo op with her. It was a great performance and I had a great time. She seemed to lead the concert most of the time.

Ny Monica Profile ***Updated***

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (23:06:23)
Updated on December 16, 2008: Interview with Angkorthom.US on November 22, 2008

Click here to discuss about Ny Monica. Ny Monica became popular after she played main character roles in a few CTN movies. Those three movies were Chet Sava (Betraying Mind), Chumras Bonchi Chas (Clean Up Old Bookkeeping) and Kon Brosa Srey (Daughter-in- Law). Please Click here to watch Kon Prosa Srey Movie. While the first two movies introduced Ny Monica to the Khmer entertainment world, Kon Brosa Srey was a remarkable success for her career path. Many people began to know her as a great actress because of her role as Kon Brosa Srey in the movie. She then played a comedy but educational movie called Snei Menton Sneth which was also aired via CTN network. After Snei Menton Sneth, there was another movie called Bonhe Kor-Ek. At the time of this update (December 2008), Ny Monica was recording for a new movie called Who I Am also for CTN. In all 6 movies, Ny Monica took the main character role! When each one of them was released, her popularity crept up.

It Sreypin (Ith Srey Pinn) Profile ***Updated***

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (23:02:39)
Updated 07/14/2007 - It Srey Pin is now confirmed not married

It Srey Pin got back home safely after her touring for 6 months in USA. It was a great success for her this time. She toured around USA and did countless performances in many States. Since she’s arrived Cambodia, it was her first time to make her appearance at the Super Concert of Apsara TV on July 8th 2007. Both Kohsontepheapdaily and Everyday released almost the same Khmer news article about her appearance and her interview. In part of the interview, she was overwhelmingly supported by Khmers living in USA. She told Kohsontepheapdaily that she was very happy because she was honored by Khmer people in USA. She did fulfill their wish for allowing them to see her in person and they responded with great supports. She also said she had no intention to live in USA and that she always wanted to live in Cambodia – her home town. Both Kohsontepheapdaily and Everyday said she did not want to buy a new car with the money she earned from USA but she wanted to save up to build a new home in Po Chin Tong area.

Oeun Sreymom (Srey Mom) Profile ***Updated***

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (22:56:53)
Updated on March 3rd, 2008: Who Wanted A Divorce? Ouen Sreymom or Keo Sokha?
Click here to discuss about Ouen Sreymom. Every newspaper, magazine and Khmer Internet community in the world including Angkorthom.US had their news headline when the news broke about Ouen Sreymom and her husband Keo Sokha were in a process of filing a divorce. A few days later, she confirmed with major Khmer magazines that she and her husband were truly filing court paper for a divorce but did not want to provide detailed information about what the reason was. Ouen Sreymom said she would let the public know once the divorce was finalized. According to her friends and unverified sources, Ouen Sreymom had been going back to sing for Reymeas Production and that she was going to perform in France some time in May 2008. However, a news article released by a Khmer magazine in January 2008 said she was still in Battambang and had not resumed any work with any music production companies and was not going to perform in any country yet as her court process had not been completed. Because there was no reason provided from both her and her husband, people speculated different reasons. Some said Ouen Sreymom was having someone behind her and that was why she wanted to a divorce. Some others said her husband was blamed for the reason they did not have children for the last 10 years. In the same article Ouen Sreymom denied both speculations but still did not issue any detailed statement except she said this was built up for many years but she was trying to cover it because living as celebrity she did not want public to see this happening but now she could not hold on to it any longer.

Pou Klang (DJ Khlang) Profile

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (22:50:42)
Pou Klang (DJ Khlang) has become popular in Cambodia recently with his ability to write and sing rap songs. His songs are mostly the mixture of Khmer traditional music and rap songs. He has produced several CDs.

Po Klang was interviewed by Yuk Chinda and It Sitha for Channel 21 Program. The program was broad casted on CTN on 02/08/2007. Po Klang has become popular in Cambodia recently with his ability to write and sing rap songs. His songs are mostly the mixture of Khmer traditional music and rap songs. He has produced several CDs.

Po Klang was interviewed by Yuk Chinda and It Sitha for Channel 21 Program. The program was broad casted on CTN on 02/08/2007.

Pov Panhapich (Pech) Profile ***Updated***

Friday, March 02, 2007 (21:53:57)
Updated 10/19/2007: Pov Panha Pich May Not Walk Again

Read and listen to her latest interview on May 17, 2010 here.

It has been some time now since the last update on Pov Panha Pich’s recovery condition posted on Angkorthom.US. We have received many e-mail questions from our site visitors and members asking about her recovery. According to a news article released by the Popular magazine in August 2007, her recovery has been satisfactory for over all heath condition but the prognosis of her ability to walk is very slim.

Pov Chan Sotheary - her older sister, said that Pov Panha Pich is doing her exercise everyday hoping that she would be able to move her legs and walk again. The attending doctor said she might be able to move her legs again but the chance that she would be able to walk again was only one in a thousand. This is because some of the bones were broken and key nerves were damaged. Regardless of what the doctor said, Pov Panha Pich does not lose hopes and she is determined to do her prescribed exercise regularly.

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